• Prosol is worldwide recognized as an international leader in nutritional ingredients


Prosol S.p.A., an innovative company

Biosprint® is a Prosol's trade mark. Prosol Spa is an italian company worldwide known as an international market leader in nutritional ingredients by the most advanced biotechnologies for nutrition.  Prosol produces ingredients for animal and human nutrition. The company develops and distributes different lines of products like nucleotides, flavor enhancers, yeast extracts and saccharomyces yeast strains for human and animal nutrition. Prosol produces yeast supplement, yeast extracts, probiotics, nucleotides, flavor enhancers and ribonucleic acid and in forty years of activities has obtained important quality certifications (ISO, GMP+, IFS and OHSAS 18001 )

Prosol Animal Nutrition

Thanks to its skills in the yeast technology, Prosol is also dedicated in the manufacturing of specific ingredients for animal feeding to improve animal welfare. The company works with the feed companies to increase the functional and nutritional values of their finish products. Prosol's ingredients for animal nutrition are unique in addressing industries and farmers needs and every nutritional innovation can raise specific functional requirements. To learn more about Prosol's ingredients for animal feeding see contact us at  prosol@prosol-spa.it.