• Prosol is worldwide recognized as an international leader in nutritional ingredients

Prosol Animal Nutrition & Feed Additives

Prosol selects and manufactures feed additives to help farmers to enhance the animals' production performance preserving their general state of health. Recognized as an international leader in nutritional ingredients for the food and beverage industry, Prosol selects ingredients and specific solutions also for the livestock sector. In particular Prosol selected a specific zootechnical feed additive, an active saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strain for animal feed coded as MUCL™ 39885. The yeast for animal nutrition distributed worldwide by Prosol is used for the feeding of dairy cows, beef cattle, sows, piglets, horses and minor ruminant species for meat and milk production (dairy buffaloes, dairy sheep and dairy goats, buffaloes and goats for fattening).

Prosol: Boosting Nature

Biosprint® is a Prosol's trade mark. Prosol Spa is an italian company located in Madone,  worldwide known as an international market leader in nutritional ingredients and innovation. The company is on the market with different product lines based on the most advanced technologies for nutrition.  In 40 years of activities, Prosol has earned a big reputation and has obtained important quality certifications (ISO, GMP+, IFS and OHSAS 18001 ), thanks to its high standards of quality and its manufacturing regulations. Prosol produces yeast, yeast extracts and derivatives, probiotics, nucleotides, flavour enhancers, RNA and feed additives. Thanks to its exclusive skills in the yeast technology, Prosol is also focused in the manufacturing of specific ingredients for animal nutrition (Biosprint) that bring value to livestock producers across the world  improving animal welfare. The company works with the world most ranked food and feed companies to enhance the functional and nutritional values of their finish products.

Biotechnology for nutrition

Since 1974 Prosol works with specific attention toward security and healthiness issues: thanks to an in-house developed technology, indeed, Prosol's production processes are fully sustainable and chemical solvents free. Prosol's  plants cover an area of 28000 m² with 5 drying plants: the company works with the highest standards of quality and competitiveness and with specific care to issue of safety. Prosol gives also a special attention to its human resources which considers the indispensable lifeblood of its business. Scientific innovations, research and development, focus on customers need, attention on human resources and environmental care are the most important Prosol's core values.

Prosol's trademarks

Prosol produces ingredients for animal and human nutrition. The company develops and distributes different lines of products like nucleotides (Ribocare®), flavour enhancers (Ribomix®), yeast extracts (Brist™), saccharomyces yeast strains for human (Levimaxi) and animal nutrition (Biosprint®). In addition to, in Europe Prosol spa is also the only producer of Ribonucleic acid. Prosol's ingredients are unique in addressing industries and farmers needs and every nutritional innovation can raise specific functional requirements. To achieve this purpose we work together with our customers in order to design specific dietary solutions.  To learn more about Prosol's product portfolio see Prosol's brands section on our official company site.

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Prosol factory is based in Madone (BG), Lombardy region, Italy.

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