Feed Additive for animal nutrition - Biosprint

Biosprint®: feed additive with Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast

Biosprint is a probiotic feed additive having cells of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain coded as MUCL™ 39885) specifically used in feed for dairy cows,  horses, sows, piglets, beef cattle and minor ruminant species like  dairy sheep, dairy buffaloes and dairy goats, and for buffaloes and goats for fattening. Selected strains of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, according to experimental tests in many parts of the world, have a key role in digestive efficiency in animals.   Biosprint®, the yeast  selected by Prosol spa, obtained excellent results in the experimental tests confirming the enthusiasm of farmers who for years used this feed additive for their animals seeking greater efficiency nutritional. Trial data results have shown that Biosprint® helps the fermentation processes in ruminants supporting the bacterial flora (responsible of fiber digestion) and the stabilization of the ruminal PH:  thanks to Biosprint®, indeed, bacteria that produce lactic acid don't find the ideal conditions to survive. This allows to obtain preventive effects of the occurrence of acidosis.

Biosprint® benefits:

  • Improve digestive efficiency helping the bacterial flora;
  • Optimize the feed efficiency and the assimilation of nutrients;
  • Increase energy available to the animals
  • Reduce digestive disorders raising  protective barriers against pathogenic bacteria;
  • Improve the production performance of the animals;
  • Increase bacterial protein and free fatty acid production;
  • Higher feed intake;
  • Lower risk of high urea content in milk;
  • Less ammonia in rumen.


Why use Biosprint®  for animal feeding

Biosprint® is a zootechnical feed additive for horses, beef cattle, dairy cows, sows and piglets. Biosprint® optimizes feed efficiency and consequent allows to obtain a more efficient and profitable production:  in particular, trial data results have shown that with Biosprint®:

  • beef cattle improve their growth rate and the conversion index;
  • dairy cows are able to produce an higher quantity of milk with better quality;
  • sows have a better rate of fertility weaning  more piglets with an higher weight;
  • piglets grow more rapidly and in better health condition;
  • in  horses  the performances are improved thanks to a more efficient digestibility

For more information about the experimental tests please click on the right-hand columns to download our trial data results. For any further questions about Biosprint® please contact Prosol spa at  +39 or by mail at prosol@prosol-spa.it

Biosprint® has been approved by the European Commission (European Food Safety Authority, EFSA) as feed additive (functional group: gut flora stabilisers) also in diets for dairy buffaloes, dairy sheep and dairy goats, and for buffaloes and goats for fattening. Learn more about Biosprint® for minor ruminant species.


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